In the car world 2017 Tesla Model S is a modern and full of facilities car that is famous for having all the electric drive-train system. It has also a good business because of the way it has created by the automaker. The battery capacity of Tesla Model S is having 60-, 75-, 90-, or 100-kwh. The 60-kwh model is available in rear-drive and the remaining is drive wheel that’s identified with a “D”. The top-of-the-line 100D is performance model and it also carries the P100D distinction. In this article we are going to tell the features of new 2017 Tesla Model S step by step.

Performance and Style of 2017 Tesla Model S

The New Tesla Model S is looking great in its own way. On the bases of its alternative drivetrain, it would be striking even if it were coal powered. The exterior sheet metal is muscular and sleek and cuts a sufficient hole that the air thanks to its engineering system.

The style of 2017 Tesla Model S is very great from the exterior side. There is about 17-inch touch screen in the center of the dash. The screen system is based on technology that is very advance. New Model S is well decorated and is able to compare with different sorts of cars. The acceleration in the Model S is having a breathtaking and comparable  acceleration as  compare to other hyper cars. The standard Model S versions are come up with a 270-kw (362-horsepower) motor.

Comfort & Safety

Comfort & Safety

The Tesla Model S is fully comfortable for four adult or official people and the fifth one can be also possible. The battery is put under the floor so the passengers can sit fairly with their legs further ahead than in normal cars. Tesla is willing to option up a Model S with premium sound, a rocky sunroof, and cabin filtration systems that could keep the attention of people. There is an extra jump seat for two children with four-point harnesses in the rear cargo area.


There are many features of 2017 Tesla S such as warning of automatic emergency braking, an adoptive cruise control, and standard lane departure warning including some other features are available in this car. A year ago the Tesla upgraded the cameras, radar, and sensors in its cars that can make it fully able to autonomous driving along with its enhanced Autopilot. It makes the system to drive the Model S for more than hundred miles. The car maker stated that the system is twice safer as human behind the wheel. At the same time it tells more data that you have never expected.

Mode S Sedans

Mode S Sedans


All these Model S sedan cars are equipped with keyless ignition and one-touch power windows. Bluetooth connectivity, a rearview camera,  power adjustable front seats, Wi-Fi facility, and 17-inch touch screen with navigation are the top class features. These are the features and facilities that has make the Model S car demand-able and attractive. The Model X’s HEPA air-filtration system, that is said to be significantly more effective than conventional air filters. It helps to abolish pollution and allergens from the air. But now it has included in the $3000 Premium Upgrades package, and two new interior trim choices.

Charging System

10 kilowatt charger bases in Model S includes a standard onboard. Second charger can be ordered to bring the rate up to 20 kilowatt, and supercharging capability is now standard on all trim levels. The Model S is not using the standard J-1772 charging socket found on every other electric car, however the Model S is having a J-1772 adapter cable, that enabling Tesla to recharge at standard public and can be charge from private charging stations.

Style of Model S


Obviously the Model S is very stylish; its has design to cut the smallest hole through air possible. It includes the retractable door handles that automatically extend when the owner key is near, then smoothly slide back into place, flush with the body panels when the car moves away everywhere. Owners can use to control cabin heating and cooling, audio, navigation, and some vehicle settings. Vehicle setting includes the charging behavior and suspension tuning through large icons, sliders, and swipe motions. The screens are not, looks clear with simple and colorful graphics.

Performance of Tesla Model S

The performance of Tesla Model S includes some natural laws and a lot of people are having a lot of expectations. 2017 Tesla Model S is more and more valuable and better than many best luxury cars because it is stylish, fast, and comfortable, quiet and smooth. Beside this, Tesla S car can provide many features to driver. Drivers can set the suspension from very firm, through the default standard setting all the way. The driver can also choose from two regenerative braking modes, the Normal and Low.

Tesla Model S Fuel Economy

There is no any problems in charging system of this car like the other do. The Model S car can drive you more than 300 miles on a single charge. In this car there are four different battery sizes that are having the range from 219 miles to 337 miles. The first or starting with the 60 kilo watt h-version that makes abailable 75-kwh Model S, a 90-kwh Model S, and a 100-kwh version. Because of the high range on electron power alone, the Tesla Model S aces our fuel economy test. In winter or in cold weather and at high speeds, the quoted range and efficiency ratings is coming down to a real-world number 10 to 25 percent lower. According to the manufacturer the per-mile cost of running a Tesla on grid electricity is one-third to one-fifth of the as compare to the cost of gasoline-powered cars.


The Tesla Model car is great on the road for several good reasons that you never had before.

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