CEO Elon Musk has been talking about Tesla making an all-electric pickup truck for years now, but he said that third generation vehicles, the Model 3 and Model Y, were the priority for now. When revealing his ‘Master Plan Part Deux‘, Musk confirmed that Tesla has been working on a pickup truck but that the company is still in the ‘early stages of development’.

Nonetheless, he later added that we should expect an unveiling of the concept in “6 to 9 months”, which should end up being in early to mid-2017. It is expected to be in production within the next 3 to 4 years (2019-2020).

Not much is known about the vehicle at this point and we are stuck with only unofficial renderings from artists, like the one above, to help us envision what a Tesla pickup truck could look like.

Additionally, Musk did say that Tesla will likely build an all-electric cargo van on the chassis that it is developing for its pickup truck.

Electric pickup trucks and SUVs are a super hot segment these days with the Tesla truck and the Rivian R1T pickup leading the charge. Newcomer Cadillac now joins the mix with a long-range electric Escalade reportedly in the works. Even though neither of these trucks nor the Caddy SUV is for sale at the moment, there's still quite a bit of news, rumors and more to report.

It was a rather slow week in the world of electric trucks & SUVs, but still there was a Tesla truck reliability report, some highly unexpected Cadillac electric SUV news and even a brand new render of the Tesla truck.

Let's check out some of this weeks news highlights related to electric trucks & SUVs.

For Tesla, the focus has long been on range and performance. The reliability of some of its models (the Model X in particular) has been deemed subpar by the likes of Consumer Reports (and others). Even the Model 3 and Model S have had some reliability issues.

But do truck owners truly value reliability? So much so that Tesla should put that as its primary focus with the Tesla truck? It seems they do.

Given time, we're confident Tesla can deliver reliable as well as it can performance. One step at a time. The million-mile electric motor is already in place.

When Elon Musk speaks about the new Tesla pickup truck, he says it is his favorite product to date. And he also hints it will make the RAM look puny. Or, even more, that it will look like a Blade Runner contraption. This is the lead the artist Justin Duel James has followed to create this rendering.